Van Gogh’s Home in Dallas

Located at 507 S Harwood Street, Lighthouse Dallas opens in the East Quarter – an extraordinary space in the heart of the city!

Renowned for transforming venues into unforgettable art experiences, the Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit strives to highlight the unique architecture of each space while integrating elements related to that location’s particular history, character, and community. Get ready to be transported the second you step inside.

Things to Do

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Van Gogh Paintings in the Area

Dallas Museum of Art (2 Van Gogh paintings on view)
1717 North Harwood
Dallas, Texas 75201
Hours: Tuesday–Sunday: 11am–5pm


Immersive Van Gogh Dallas is located in the historic Masonic Temple in the East Quarter. This beautiful venue is surrounded by low rate parking lots within walking distance.

1. Park Place Parking Lot 003, 1823 Cadiz St.
2. Platinum Park Lot 226, 1909 Cadiz St.
3. Parking Company of America Lot 110, 2017 Young St.
4. Parking Company of America Lot 109, 2012 Jackson St.
5. Parking Company of America Lot 9, 300 S. Harwood
6. Platinum Park Lot 190, 1818 Wood St.
7. Platinum Park Lot 167, 1720 Wood St.
8. Platinum Park Lot 203, 1713 Young St.
9. Platinum Park Lot 169, 1715 Young St.
10. Parking Company of America Lot 73, 1720 Young St.

Lighthouse Dallas FAQs

For more parking information, accessibility details, and up-to-date COVID protocols, click HERE.

“Big Marge aka The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge is the redefining symbol of the ever changing skyline of Dallas, Texas,” by Rajesh Jyothiswaran/shutterstock.com

Dallas City skyline at twilight, Texas, USA,” by dibrova/shutterstock.com

Block House photo provided by Lighthouse Immersive