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Van Gogh’s Home in San Francisco

Located at 10 South Van Ness Ave, formerly the home of the Fillmore West and Carousel Ballroom, SVN West amps up any event through three floors of raw venue space that are steeped in musical history. The main hall, reverently named Carousel, showcased dozens of concerts during its brief operation from 1968 to 1971, including musical legends like the Grateful Dead, Fleetwood Mac, Elton John, B.B. King, Miles Davis, Aretha Franklin, and more.

Conveniently located at the intersection of SF’s two main thoroughfares (South Van Ness and Market), SVN West features over 100,000 sq. ft. of event space. The open floor plan offers maximum versatility and includes Carousel and its adjacent rooftop, along with a spacious mezzanine and additional ground floor event space. Reactivated by Non Plus Ultra, SVN West is already the hottest ticket in town.

Things to do

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Parking & Accessibility

Immersive Van Gogh San Francisco is conveniently located at the cross-section of South Van Ness and Market.

No parking on site.

The entrance, lobby, gallery and washroom spaces are wheelchair accessible. When accompanying a visitor with a disability who has a purchased ticket, the support person/carer can enter the gallery without a ticket.

Lighthouse San Francisco FAQs

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